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    Ningbo Changying Automobile Spares & Parts Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing the automobile spares and parts in Ningbo City,Wuxiang, town of Yinzhou District. It is founded in 2000, through ten years' pioneering works and accumulation, now the company has formed the considerable scale. It owns the abundant capital and technical strength. It wins deep trust from vast customers by the outstanding goods and the first-class service. 

    At present, our major products are automobile body decoration strip, door and window draught excluder strip, rolled parts, highly difficult punching part series etc. It mainly uses PVC materials for the decoration strip and draught excluder strip. It has the comprehensive productive capacity for plastics flocking draught excluder strips. It can supply a complete set of the draught excluder strip and decoration strip for the overall frames. The annual productive capacity can fulfill 10 million meters. The company will put the product positioning on the domestic completing for the car, cross-country van, large & deluxe passenger bus. They can replace for the imported goods. In order to ensure that the product quality reaches to the advanced international level, the company strictly carries out ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Management System. At the same time of continuous optimizing and enhancing the product quality, it lays the further importance to the increase of the developing capability of the new goods To this end, the company invests in large sum of money to absorb the gifted people from all quarters. It invites the excellent technical and developing staff and sets up PR/E Room. As a result, it greatly reduces the developing cycle and meets the customers' requirements. In addition, the company also signs the Technical Support Agreements with the Automobile Research Institutes of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and so forth. In this way, it guarantees the high grade of the products in aspects of the technology, material and skill etc.

    The company currently owns the major production equipments of five forming flow-lines (Taiwan/Ningbo), five sets of special- purpose bending machines (Taiwan/Ningbo), four sets of extrusion machines (Taiwan Zhengtai), three flocking line (Taiwan), three sets of 63T punch press, four sets of 30T punch press, twenty-five sets of 15-ton punch press, three sets of vertical plastic injection machine. The related testing devices are steel strip tension machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardometer, optical image testing apparatus, plastic high and low temperature test box, plastic anti-aging test box.

Ningbo Changying Automobile Spares & Parts Co., Ltd. enters into the fiercely competed automobile market by the conscientious and meticulous pioneering spirits, the first-class talents, the excellent technology and the remarkable service. Changying People are still full of confidence towards our national automobile industry.

    It summarizes the past and grasps the future. Changying Company is willing to provide you with the completed and satisfactory service by the outstanding products and the most sincere attitude.
——General Manager:Zhuifei Chen
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